The Purpose Of Practicing Yoga

Many of our students are beginning to practice yoga for a variety of purposes.

But most of the time is the desire to have a beautiful "Yoga body.".

Yoga posture practice is a good way to help us shape and get beautiful body.

But as we practice further, we will gradually realize that yoga can only improve our inner body while changing our body.

● this is because:

① When we practice yoga, we constantly remind ourselves to focus on the body, which is a good exercise to help us eliminate mental distractions.

② At the same time, yoga's breathing practice requires us to focus on the breathing of breath, which is the tool of internalization of thought, which helps to make people conscious.

③ All of these are powerful tools to help people be calm and silent and gain self-awareness.

When we begin to raise our awareness by practicing yoga, we become more aware of our bodies, thoughts, breathing and emotions.

🔴 This is the mystery of yoga, it is not difficult, it is a natural result.

Consciousness is considered as the foundation of physical and mental health, and yoga is a tool to realize consciousness.

The awareness gained through yoga practice can greatly improve and influence our life.


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