Practice Yoga Happily

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit "yogi", which means combination and unity. Yoga originally refers to the use of yokes, that is, the meaning of riding horses. What we want to combine is our whole person, our body, mind and spirit. We seek spiritual peace, we seek physical strength and relaxation, we also seek spiritual and spiritual liberation. Maybe you don't learn yoga to get it Spiritual relief, of course, it's good, but there are still many benefits of learning yoga. Many people have explored their unlimited potential through yoga. I want to tell you how much I love yoga. It has greatly changed my life. Yoga may seem like a kind of stretching and breathing exercise, but it can really bring changes. Yoga can let you know yourself and return Naturally, yoga is a way of life that makes you young and energetic. It's not a performance, it's not how to twist your body and make impossible weird postures. It's natural. It can't solve all the problems. It's just a simple exercise. So, if we practice yoga, we only need to report the natural and relaxed mood and step by step attitude, you will find that yoga gives The unexpected changes you bring.

Practicing yoga is a long and determined process. Therefore, when we practice yoga, we should not patronize others to make all kinds of difficult movements and not see our progress in each exercise. The most important thing is to enjoy the fun in yoga process. I can experience the softness of the body in every stretch, feel the slightest smoothness in every breath, make progress every time, add a little difficulty to yourself every time, and keep growing up in a peaceful and stable atmosphere. If you are a person eager for quick success and instant benefit, I advise you that yoga will only waste you too much time and energy. The person who wants to practice yoga is to find a peaceful peace and relaxation in the complicated, messy and dirty world. At the same time, your soul will be sublimated in this peace and tranquility.

The key to practicing yoga is to persist. In the repeated practice every day, you will feel that your body is becoming more and more flexible, your skin is becoming more and more smooth and elastic, your posture is more and more straight, you will notice that your breathing rhythm becomes smooth and smooth, after each yoga practice, you will feel the joy and joy it brings to you, Bring you never more relaxed, your mind will become more peaceful, you will continue to discover your own potential.

Happy body, happy heart!

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