10 Shoulder Yoga Exercises

10 shoulder yoga exercises, combined with breathing, gently stretch and open our shoulders .

Stiff shoulder and neck

It's a problem for all of us. 

🔴 If we are in this state for a long time, our mood will be easy to fluctuate

Anxiety, fatigue, worry and other negative emotions will bring us unnecessary harm and trouble. A kind of

🔴 We often see a lot of small things in the news, but we face them in a irritable way and attitude, which makes things in an uncontrollable and controllable state A kind of

⚠️ As we rely more and more on electronics,

More and more people bow their heads.

A kind of These are the major factors that lead to shoulder and neck problems.

❤️ I hope to share these little yoga exercises with you.

We collected them, and in our own way,

 Give yourself a little time every day,

 Flexible shoulders, warm and stiff neck.

Eliminate pain and discomfort.

The body is soft, our heart ❤️ And soft

It's going to be a lot better. Oh [yeah] try it [high five]

#One yoga pose a day#

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